St. Anthony’s Church


Women’s World Day of Prayer

Click on the picture above to see film taken of the Prayer Service

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This year St. Anthony’s Church hosted the annual Women’s World Day of Prayer. It was prepared by Christian Women of Suriname which is a Sovereign State to the North of Brazil. At St. Anthony’s the service was organised by Anne Chapple. On the official day of Friday 2nd March there was still a lot of snow and the service was postponed until the following Wednesday. The weather in Suriname was hot, however in Ottery St Mary it was considerably cooler.

The Ladies above dressed to represent the different ethnic backgrounds of Women living in Suriname. They want us to think deeply about God’s wonderful creation  and our responsibility as stewards of it. The Genesis reading tells the story of creation in seven sections and juxtaposes each section with an example of how we do NOT look after God’s world.